if it were not forの仮定法過去完了

珍しく、if it were not forの仮定法過去完了(if it had not been for)が映画の台詞に出てきたので紹介します。映画は、「フォーリングスカイズ」シーズン4のディスク5の2(エピソード10)です。PowerDVD 10で日本語・英語同時表示。

it were not for1

it were not for2



176. 仮定法を含む慣用表現

(1)if it were not for / if it had not been for  「もし~(のおかげ)がなければ/なかったならば」という仮定を表す。

If it were not for music, the world ・would be a dull place.(音楽がなければ,世の中は味気ない場所になるだろう)

If it had not been for his quickness, the boat would have capsized.(彼の機敏な行動がなかったら,船は転覆していただろう)


Were it not for the immense income derived from advertising, newspapers could not be sold so cheaply.   (広告から得られる莫大な収入がなければ,新聞はこれほど安くは売れないであろう)

Had it not been for Chinese influence, Japanese culture would not be what it is today.    (中国の影響がなかったら,日本の文化は今日の姿とは違っているだろう)